Digital Marketing Updates 2015

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1. 5 SEO Trends From 2014: What We Learned
It’s almost impossible to tell what the world of SEO has in store for us in the future, and 2014 was proof of that. With delayed algorithm updates, such as Penguin 3.0, announcements of new ranking factors, and a complete overhaul to the way local search works, 2014 was an incredibly eventful year for search marketers. Let’s take a look back at the announcements and changes that made 2014 such an impactful year, and how those changes could set the tone and course of the year to come.

2. This One, Simple Problem Is Killing Your Local SEO Campaign
Local SEO might seem confusing, but that’s only because of its massive potential. If executed properly and with a focus on improving customer experiences, local SEO can be reduced to a simple series of best practices that any business owner can follow.

3. 7 Essential Quality Metrics For Evaluating Publishers For Guest Blogging
Ever since Google’s head of webspam, Matt Cutts, declared guest blogging “done” around this time last year, the online marketing world has been rife with misinformation on the topic.
Contrary to popular belief, however, guest blogging is not dead — Cutts was simply pointing out that guest blogging strictly for links is a spammy tactic that SEO practitioners should not rely on as a link building strategy.

4. SEO Is a Fringe Benefit of a Successful Customer Engagement Strategy
Businesses from multinational corporations to local mom-and-pop shops have been scrambling to get more visibility on search engines. People rely on Google and other search services to find practically everything they need, from products and services to general information, and attaining a noticeable position on those search services is almost a necessity in the competitive landscape.

5. How to Use Facebook for Local SEO
One of the most important fronts for a successful local SEO campaign is your social media presence, especially Facebook, the most popular social platform in the world. Through Facebook, you can increase the visibility and domain authority of your business on a local level, and earn more traffic flow and revenue to your business as a result.

6. Are Keywords Relevant to SEO in 2015?
The focus on keyword-based search engine optimization is dying quickly, as we’re witnessing the resurgence of long-tail keywords. This raises the question, “Are keywords relevant to SEO in 2015?”

7. 8 Ways to Build Trust on Social Media
Building trust on social media, just like in real life, is neither easy nor fast, but with these eight strategies, executed consistently, you can get closer to cultivating a trusting, dedicated audience.

8. This Essential Leadership Trait Can Push Employees to Do Their Best
There’s a misconception that great leaders are born, or that talented professionals can decide to be leaders and, overnight, step into the role with grace and excellence. How then, do you push your employees to do their best?

9. 7 Ways to Use Your Blog for an Email Marketing Campaign
If you can combine your other, broader strategies—namely, your content marketing campaign—with your email campaign, and keep them aligned, you can maximize your returns on both fronts. Here’s how you can use your blog synergistically with your email marketing strategy.

10. The 7 Biggest Mistakes You Can Make as a Leader
If you’re just starting out as a leader, be that in a position of management or direction, or if you’re just trying to perfect your own approach, be wary of these dangerous leadership mistakes.


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