Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the best online marketing advertisement service providers by Google, By using Google Adsense we can earn money from third party ads on your website. Google Adsense is one of the advertising online networks run by Google that allows bloggers and website owners and opportunity to make money by using text, image, video and custom add design adds to interactive advertisement on their websites. These ads are targeted based on content and related topic.
Google Adsesne is a worry free to blogger and website owners because we don’t have to deal with any advertiser or mediator about our ads.  And don’t worry about to get the money from advertisers. we are not going to maintain any relationship with advertisers, Google will handle and maintain the relationship with the advertisers. Google will collect the money, take their share and send your share to your account.
Google Adsense has the so many of satisfied customers and publishers. By using Google Adsense we can earn huge amount of money, but we have to work in right way. There are many bloggers getting money from Google Adsense.
Google Adsense paying more and better amount compares to all other networks that’s the way every blogger always choose Adsense but before run the google Adsense you have to approved by the google but nowadays they made the approval system very strict. If you make a little mistake in Adsense they will disapprove immediately.
Adsense mainly offers cost-per-click ads (CPC) it is a text ad in this CPC ad when user click on this and then only you can earn money from google Adsense. It is also offered CPM (Cost per impression) means display and graphical ads. In this method you can earn money depends on how many users have seen your ads
To access Google Adsense visit this link :

Google Adsense Sizes

Recommended sizes

  • Medium rectangle (300 X 250)
  • Large rectangle (336 X 280)
  • Leaderboard (728 X 90)
  • Wide skyscraper (160 X 600)

Vertical Banners

  • Skyscraper (120 X 600)
  • Vertical banner (100 X 240)
  • Large skyscraper (300 X 600)

Horizontal Banners

  • Half banner (234 X 60)
  • Banner (428 X 60)
  • Large Leaderboard (970 X 90)

Square banners

  • Square (250 X 250)
  • Small square (200 X 200)
  • Small rectangle (180 X 150)
  • Button (125 X 125)

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