Why Do People Like Facebook Pages

Why Do People Like Facebook Pages ???

Have you ever wondered what makes a Facebook Page great? Do you wonder sometimes why anyone might want to like your Page? What can you offer them, really?
There are a lot of great reasons for liking Pages, and even more reasons to like a great Page. Today we’ll take you through them.

Brand Loyalty

Sometimes users will like your Page simply because they like your brand and products. They don’t care whether your Page is any good — they simply want to show support for something they love. This doesn’t mean you can let your Facebook Page fill up with updates everyone will hate — eventually those fans will leave if you only update with advertisements. However, it does give some insight into what these people love: You, your brand or your products.
It doesn’t matter whether you’re a huge multi-national brand, a small family-owned business, or an artist. If people have liked your Page just because they love you and your brand, it’s easy to keep pleasing them by reminding them of your products.
Give them more of what they love:
  • Tell them about the people behind the scenes.
  • Give them recipes and cool uses for your products.
  • Offer information or a sample of new products in advance of them going on sale.
  • Take them on a journey through your production process.
  • Show your fans that you care about them.
  • Tell them where they can find your products on sale.
  • Offer discounts of your products to people who like your Facebook Page.
  • Let them help shape your company by suggesting product names or voting on a final decision.
  • Run Facebook giveaways and competitions for your products (but be sure to stick to theFacebook giveaway rules!).

They Want To Know More

Sometimes people will like a Facebook Page in the hope that they will find out useful information. This is usually the case for musicians, artists, topic-based Pages, and any region-based or tourism-related Facebook Pages.
Consider the Facebook Page of a local radio station. Why would anyone like that? Well, because they want to know more about the local music they play and what’s happening in the region.
If you’re running this type of Page, make your readers happy by giving them updates about:
  • Events in the area, involving that artist, or on that topic.
  • Local news from the area or on that topic.
  • Asking people to share their favourite local venue for something.
  • Promoting local artists and musicians.
  • Asking people to give their tips for visiting the city or locale.
  • Cross-posting more of the same from the Facebook Pages of nearby regions and similar artists or topics.

Just Because The Page Is Interesting

Have you ever seen a Facebook Page that was so interesting that you clicked “Like” without knowing a thing about the people behind it? Yup, so have millions of other people. There’s the trick: Be interesting. If your Facebook page is really really interesting, people will want to read your updates even if they live on the other side of the world and can never set foot inside your store.
I know of several small businesses I may never visit that I follow the Page of on Facebook. All of these are because they are vibrant and interesting. They give me great articles to read, interesting parenting ideas, and cute ideas for things to make or buy.
To make your Facebook Page really interesting:
  • Post lots of photo updates with fabulous, bright imagery.
  • Make sure your updates are either funny, intriguing or useful.
  • Keep most of your updates relevant to the wider public.
  • Follow these great Facebook Page ideas.
To get your posts noticed:

Case Study: Tourist Destination

If you were to create a Facebook Page for a travel agent or tourist destination, you may want to follow the advice given in each of the previous sections. But how?
You could post updates featuring:
  • Photos of landscapes, cityscapes and landmarks.
  • Questions to readers, asking them to post photos of their best moments in the area you are featuring.
  • Sales for travel packages to the area you are featuring.
  • Photos of a B&B in the area you are featuring.
  • A photo album of a recent event in the area and details for taking part the following year.
  • Links to SoundCloud or Bandcamp pages of musicians in your destination.
  • Videos of the area’s local wildlife.
  • Run a giveaway for travel or accommodation in the area.
  • Photos of food or other products made by a local artisan, perhaps with photos of the products being made.
  • Pinterest boards from the area or many of your favourite regions (follow these tips to better integrate Pinterest and Facebook).
  • Wish readers happy day for any regional holidays.
  • Facebook event pages for upcoming festivals in the featured area and other interesting local events.
  • Links to in-depth articles you or other writers have written on the area.
  • Travel tips for the featured area, asking readers for more advice.
What fantastic ideas have you seen work for Facebook Pages? What makes you like a Facebook Page? Let us know in the comments!



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