How to Manually Update Your WordPress Website

How to Manually Update Your WordPress Website
There are days when it just seems easier to upgrade WordPress using your automatic update button. But there are times when this can fail, or when it can cause problems for your website. Here is our guide to manually upgrading WordPress via FTP.
1.Backup your database
It is important that you backup your database so that should you encounter any problems you can restore your website.
You can backup your database using the WP-DB-Backup Plugin. From your WordPress dashboard go to
Plugins > Add New and type WP-DB-Backup into the search box.
Navigate to Tools > Backup
You can select which tables you want to backup.
And choose whether you want to backup to your server, to your email or download the file. When you have selected which click “Backup now!”
You can also use the tool to schedule regular backups.
2.Backup your site
You can backup your website using your favorite FTP program (such as FileZilla or CuteFTP). Connect to your server:
Navigate to your WordPress installation and select all the files. Drag and drop to your backup folder on your computer.
This will copy all of the files on to your computer should you need to restore.
3.Download WordPress
Visit and download the latest version.
4.Extract the zip
Extract the zip file to a folder on your computer.
5.Copy WordPress files to server
Open up your favorite FTP programme and connect to your server. Navigate to the folder where you have unzipped WordPress.
Upload the wp-includes and wp-admin folders
Open the wp-content folder and copy over the individual files.
Remember! If you have edited the theme files of Twenty Ten or Twenty Eleven these will be copied over. This is why we recommend building child themes rather than editing a theme’s core files.
Copy the individual files from the WordPress root folder on your computer to the root folder on your server.
The final step here is to open the wp-config-sample file to see if there have been any updates to wp- config. If there have been simply copy and paste them into your wp-configfile.
Note: if you are updating manually because of a failed automatic update, WordPress may have inserted a
.maintenance file which you will need to delete.
Visit your dashboard. If your database needs updated you’ll get this message:
Click “Update WordPress Database”
You’ll see this message:
And you are done!
Experiencing problems? Check out these posts that can help you out:
And don’t forget to check out the WordPress Support Forums if you need help.

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