E-Mail Marketing Campaigns Help for Business

E-mail marketing campaigns work on an interactive advertising model. Here you needn’t to pay for the campaign with a set price but with variable pricing model that depends on the performance of the campaign. Following are the performance based e-mail campaign programs you can choose from:

Key Features of Our E-Mail Campaigns
Being a leading digital marketing firm, we value your business aspirations. We handle each campaign with care to ensure maximum delivery and cent percent user response.
Industry Leading Deliverability
Always updated with latest technology, excellent practices, and ISP relations experts, our systems guarantee competent deliverability of our servers for all our precious users.
Subscription Management
Assuring complete CAN Spam Compliance, a personalized URL for updating users’ preferences and an automatic unsubscribe link is attached at the bottom of each mail.
Message Scheduling
Follow your convenience while scheduling your email campaign. Schedule your email campaign as per your convenient time and date of delivery and get delivery reports/notification, immediately on your message gets delivery into your subscriber’s inbox.
Campaign Tracking
Avail real-time email tracking and reporting within minutes, after sending your email campaign. To properly evaluate the number of delivered emails, bounced addresses and their reasons.
Open And Click-through Tracking
Obtain a detailed and automatically updated response summary when a person clicks on the links or opens your messages. Further information on individual clicks or total versus sole opens is also available.
Bounce Back Handling
Know the reasons behind why the email bounced and get the details of whose email addressed bounced in order to determine if you permanently need to delete them from your list or make another attempt to communicate with the intended recipient.


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